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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Tracing Network Addresses

>While we are on the subject; does anyone know of a company that makes
>tongue and groove to order from your choice of wood? (I'm trying to get
>Jon to use good aussie woods instead of a foreign import) {:-).

Good point, Terry (although, from the comments on the Taliban-ness of your facial fungus, maybe Allah would be more appropriate ???)

This house is about 18 years old, concrete slab for the bathroom, and the rest is suspended chipboard (not even cheap T&G). I'm going to have a look for a good Australian timber supplier.... The Uniclic stuff looks good, is a piece of piss to lay yourself, and is (relatively) cheap for a DIY'er to install....

Still, visions of polished Cyprus Pine are inundating my cognative processs....