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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Tracing Network Addresses

Nick Croft wrote:

> Btw, I did the floor here in `yellow-tongue' flooring. All 80m² of it. It
> just fits together. Hold a batten against the groove and bang lightly with
> your hammer.

AFAIA; Yep, that the big sheets of toxic compressed wood waste and glue.
Comes in various grades as indicated by the colour of the plastic strip.
You will probably find this is used as flooring of "economical" housing
nowadays, also under hidden floors like bathroom and laundry.

This is different to the traditional tongue and groove boards.

While we are on the subject; does anyone know of a company that makes
tongue and groove to order from your choice of wood? (I'm trying to get
Jon to use good aussie woods instead of a foreign import) {:-).

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