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[chat] Swordfish a comedy?

I saw Swordfish last night and, while some of the action was kind of cool,
the technical side of things left a lot to be desired...

most of the dialogue is like someone choose random words from security web
sites and strung them together to make a stream of nonsense and gibberish...

i almost laughed myself out of my seat when he hacked a DOD machine with
"128 bit encryption" by password guessing and his highly visual "worm IDE"
had barely a line of code in sight...

sure the old code sitting on a PDP-10 in a uni basement was kinda spot on,
but when someone randomly inserts "xxx bit encryption", "firewall" and
"ipchains" into the script, it makes for an almost embarassing film for the
geeks out there...

any one else seen it?


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