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Re: [chat] [kencaldwell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Re: Getting legal software for donated PCs]

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Ken Caldwell wrote:

As stated in our press release, we are only too happy to help out. We can
make available CD's of Linux and StarOffice at no charge, and also some
books on both Linux and StarOffice, that would probably be best used in
some sort of Lending library.

I would really love to be able to help you with some training, but us
being in Sydney, and you being in Melbourne, makes it a little tricky.

However, that being said, if we can get enough people together to make it
worthwhile at once, (And enough working machines at once to train on), I
can arrange to fly myself, and a trainer down there for the day at some

Perhaps in co-operation with LUV (Linux Users of Victoria), we can have
ourselves an Installfest/Training day. Im sure there would be some people
from LUV that would like to join in and help.


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> If you have parts or items that can assist - we invite your donation.

background information for those who haven't heard yet..

Microsoft closes a window on charity (F2 MyCareer)

EverythingLinux offers Linux CDs to charities (LinuxWorld Australia)

There was also an article on ACA (A Current Affair) on Friday night.