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RE: [chat] Has Tuxia gone down the crapper?

I really think they were already down the gurgler when they were at the open
source show earlier. They tried their best to impress me onto their show
stand (I had a business entry badge) but I could not see one product that
was actually open source.
(Nor for that matter could I see anything that my employer would want to
use, but that's another matter).

I really think they are 'Doze users who have managed to get Linux running on
some of their products, only to completely close the access to the internals
and completely miss the point.
They would've been better picking FreeBSD, that way they wouldn't be
violating the license and consequently we would park them in the same mental
bays as the Net Appliance mobs. At least they would be selling a product
more honestly.  

They are "icecream salesmen"; they have no idea as to what is inside what
they are selling, or how to integrate it with anything other than Windows.



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> Anthony Rumble wrote:
> > Tuxia/Infomatec are basically taking advantage of 
> OpenSource/GPL, without
> > really abiding by the licence, or the ideals/ideas behind it.

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