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Re: [chat] Has Tuxia gone down the crapper?

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Terry Collins wrote:

Infomatec became Tuxia, when Infomatec Germany came under investigation of
their equilivant of the ASIC.

Im sorry.. but they have a GPL product, that you can't get a build kit for
if you want to customise it.

Were building Thin clients and other such using OFF THE SHELF commodity
components, and using Midori, which unlike Tuxia/Infomatec's offerings, is
FULLY open sourced, and is ALL available. Including the build kit.

Tuxia/Infomatec are basically taking advantage of OpenSource/GPL, without
really abiding by the licence, or the ideals/ideas behind it.

I have a WHOLE BUNCH of customers, who are REALLY pissed with the
Infomatec JNT, because it has some issues, and we can't fix it for them,
because theres no build kit. This was what the GPL was all about, to
prevent this kind of thing happening.. They have subverted it.

Guys.. if you want to make Proprietory solutions, go write it yourself,
don't use GPL.


> Hmm, had a sales drouid from Tuxia ring me this afternoon - claiming my
> site had turned up when looking for specialised Linux places on the Web.
> Usual rubarb to introduce Tuxia.
> Then sends me a message, in html (yer, good one) and attaches five PDF
> documents, none of which xpdf will open.  Meanwhile, their WWW site dies
> in the download. Hmm.
> Tuxia now seems like a good company to avoid.
> I was a bit sus when I it became obvious that he had no clue as to what
> a LUG was {:-(.
> It must be the clueless linux wanna-be season. I also had another html
> message turnup from another company offering embedded linux - it was
> heavy html with long download - slash & delete fixed that.

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