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[chat] The future of security

The primary conclusion to draw from the arrest of Dmitry Sklyarov and
the resulting support from the public and private sectors, is that the
future of security lay not in inherent strengths in the cryptographic 
technology itself, but in the strength of the law to deal with security
breaches.  Meaning your data is secure as long as the thought police
are around to prosecute those who try to access it, and that is its sole

The reason the DMCA was so quickly passed, is so widely supported by
the US government and private sector, and protests so quietly ignored is
that it confirms the government's position that security should be
_its_ domain, where it can be controlled and monitored, and not that of
the technocratic elite (that's us).  Copyright is just a front.

I fear that the Skylarov affair is but a drop in the ocean.  See you in




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