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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] optus cable hosting website

Wrote Matt Hope, on July  7, around  6:31pm:

> : > Optus portscan. If they find port 80 open, they'll cut you off.


> From what I have heard, they portscan from random ips. Whats more is they
> have traffic records - seeing a bit of traffic going to port 80 on your
> computer is likely to trip some alarm somewhere.

Port 80 could be anything, not just a webserver.  And even if it is a
webserver, in my case it's definitely for "personal use".  Even though
BPA expressly (http://www.bigpond.com/broadband/support/aup.asp) forbids
connecting "servers which transmit data to the internet or cable or ADSL
networks, such as ftp servers and chat servers" I suspect you can
reasonably argue that the "service" is for "personal use", as long as
you can show that you are not creating "undue burden" on the network.

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