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[avhelpers] Re: Software Freedom Day Debrief

So, is anyone up for a irc debrief tonight?

Any suggestions of better dates or locations if not?


On 9/17/06, Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear all,

      WELL DONE on SFD!!!

SFD was a tough test for us all and under the circumstances we have
all done very well! Congratulations!

Many thanks to every single one of you. You all helped a lot to make
SFD the success it was: through a whole day at the cameras like Andrew
and Sridhar (what stamina!), through installing flumotion over several
days like John and Andreas, through capturing random shots around the
event like Bruce and Chris, through manning the streaming camera like
Peter, through helping to set up and bringing in important gear like
Shane and Conrad, or through any other means. We had a great team and
I think we have all learnt a lot for LCA from it!

Here is our reward:
We have taken away 5 DVDs and 5 DV tapes with recordings of the talks.
I have them all here at home. I will try and upload the DVD content
fairly soon as ogg files. Where editing with some DV material will be
required, it will take longer. I'd like some help in creating the text
around the videos on the Webpages where I will copy them to, but I
shall announce that.

Since all of us have had valuable insights into what went right, what
went wrong, which setups worked and which didn't, we'll need to get
together and capture this feedback very soon (before we forget about
it). I have started capturing our experiences on
http://gingertech.dyndns.org/SFD/doku.php?id=experiences, so please
feel free to add your thoughts. A more personal de-brief would be good

How about we meet on irc (freenode.net on #sfd-av ) tomorrow evening
(18th Sept, 8pm) ?