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[SLUG-ANNOUNCE] Next SLUG Meeting - Friday, 25th January, 2002

               Next SLUG Meeting - Friday, 25th January, 2002

     * When: 6:30pm - about 9pm (then dinner, etc)
     * Where: UTS, Central Sydney <http://slug.org.au/slugmeet.shtml>

The Usual Suspects - 6:30pm

     * Q&A - "What has Linux done for/to me lately?"
     * Linux News & Discussion

Grant Parnell on MFilter

   We all hate spam, we all wish Microsoft would fix their email software
   so viruses wouldn't be so prevalent, people just don't appreciate
   bandwidth costs, your company's internet link is for business, you
   just can't download that source code you need because you're link is
   chokka with email and people passing round the latest batch of porn
   images & movies.

   You can whinge about it or do something yourself. You can't ban email
   altogether but you can limit the crap out of it without effecting
   legitimate use, other than to speed it up! One of my customers was
   overcome with delight when I gave him the configurable version of
   Mfilter about 6 months ago, he'll make a good BOFH one day.

Michael Palmer on LambdaMoo

   MUDing is a popular past-time amongst various segments of the online
   community - many a University student has fallen foul of their lures.
   The difficulty has often been creating one of your very own. MOO (for
   MUD - Object Oriented) is an OO-based programming language, descended
   from C and Pascal, which is easy to learn, easy to program, and
   provides a rich interactive component. Human interaction with a MOO is
   in the form of English-like sentences.

   This talk will look at MOOs, both interacting with them and
   programming your own. It will also investigate several non-traditional
   uses of the MOO system.

Dinner - about 9pm

   After the meeting at the House of Boiled Television Entrails. The real
   name is of course, "The House of Guang Zhou", and you'll find it in
   Haymarket (especially if you follow the crowd at the end of the night).

- Jeff

       "I think of the last year or two as being the biggest private        
         investment in public works in decades." - Andrew Tridgell