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[SLUG-ANNOUNCE] Debian SIG - January

Now with added secure and midnight-closing parking in Lincoln Cr, across
the road from the hotel. Hopefully this map is not auto-generating and
it will still be there for you:


All day parking costs $7 so I'd hazard a guess that an hour or two will
not cost you much.

This month, Craig Small will be talking about the different ways that
you can get php4 talking to a database and presenting information from a
database, using examples such as the Debian NM system, phpgw, postnuke
and phplib. Craig is currently the maintainer for procps, psmisc,
dh-make, mnogosearch-common, lprng, psmisc, mnogosearch-pgsql-dev,
udmsearch-pgsql, udmsearch-common, lprng-doc, libproc-dev,
mnogosearch-php, rspfd, udmsearch-pgsql-dev and mnogosearch-pgsql.

Don't forget to bring your GPG keys, keys are good and need signing.
Where: Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel - boardroom (upstairs)
When: Wednesday, 9th of January 19:00 - 20:00
Cost: $0,
      $10 if you pre-order tea/coffee
Misc: Dinner, alcohol are available
Park: - Lincoln Cr (recommended, open til late)
      - Domain (closes 21:00) or
      - Beside the Bells Hotel  
Upcoming Speakers Include:
- February - Jamie Wilkinson on Open GL goodness.
- March - Tony Green on Linux, Debian and the iPaq.




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