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[SLUG-ANNOUNCE] [SLUG] SLUG Picnic - Celebrating 10 Years of Linux!

You may have all noticed that the 10th birthday of Linux is upon us. In
honour of this auspicious occasion we are having a SLUG picnic of Ben
Hur proportions.

The Details:
When: - 11:00 til 18:00, Saturday, 25th of August.

Where: - Centenial Park (entry via the "Randwick Gate")
         Turn left through the Randwick Gate and look for the giant
         inflatable penguin.

What: - Good conversation, a relaxing atmosphere, some Linux games and
        fun. Food and drink is strictly BYO. There will be BBQ facilities 
        but if you have a portable BBQ I recommend bringing it.

Needed: - You!
        - A sense of fun
        - More ideas for activities
        - A rather *HUGE* penguin cake

This is also a family day, my kids as well as others will be along and
we will be camped next to a childrens cycle way as well as an oval for
more adult activities such as "ultimate" which has been described as
"football with frisbees".

Should be a great day. Hope to see you there.

This information, a map and updated information will be available from
http://www.slug.org.au/ from tomorrow morning.



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