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[activities] Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting - Friday March 25 2011

Dear Sydney Linux Users Group,

Notice is hereby given that the Sydney Linux Users Group will hold an
Extraordinary General Meeting directly before its Annual General
Meeting on Friday 25th March 2011, at the same venue as previously
announced for the AGM at [1].

The meeting is convened to consider, and if thought fit, pass as a
special resolution, several motions concerning the winding up of the

The EGM will commence as soon after 6:30pm as is practical.

[1] http://lists.slug.org.au/archives/announce/2011/02/msg00006.html


The motions to be considered at this meeting are as follows:

1) In recognition of the fact that the aims and goals of SLUG are
substantially a subset of those of Linux Australia; and furthermore,
that Linux Australia is better equipped to support and sustain SLUG’s
community; and further, that having SLUG exist as an Association
results in a duplication of effort and inefficient use of resources -
that SLUG be wound up as an association.

2) In accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 section
65, that all surplus property and funds at the time SLUG is wound up
be donated to Linux Australia.

3) As the property and funds donated to Linux Australia in this way
were originally donated to SLUG with intent to be used to support the
open source community in the Sydney area, that we request that Linux
Australia continue use the property and funds to support the open
source community in the Sydney area.

4) In recognition of the fact that there exists a thriving open source
community in the Sydney area, that the above actions not be taken
until such time has Linux Australia has:
   - Created a sub-committee, charged with supporting the Sydney open
source community by running monthly meetings, and by providing other
such support as may be warranted; and
   - Appointed to that sub-committee, at minimum, the person elected
as president at the next AGM to be the convenor of the subcommittee;
and as treasurer, the person elected as treasurer at the same AGM;