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Re: [activities] Group Membership detail online

Del wrote:
Mary Gardiner wrote:

On Wed, May 09, 2007, Del wrote:

You're getting awfully close to crossing over with the membership of
OSIA, however I won't address that at the moment.

As an addition to this, perhaps it might be better to consider some kind
of arrangement with OSIA whereby corporate members of OSIA are
encouraged to support local LUGs by paying for some of their staff to be

That's a worthwhile approach.

Probably what SLUG needs to do is form a rationale as to why corporates
should pay for their staff to be members.  I don't pay for my staff to
be members, but if I considered it to be of some business benefit then
I probably would.

Jeff's and my comments regarding the issue that SLUG does not appear to
be sufficiently diverse in choice of distributions, in that the recent
announcement of an Ubuntu-only boot camp, would have to be addressed in
terms of that business benefit.

Like it or not, Red Hat and Optus are both large employers of skilled
Linux people.  And, like it or not, neither of those companies are
likely to be woo-ed by an organisation that promotes itself as an
Ubuntu-only environment (whether it is an Ubuntu-only environment or
not, entirely aside).

Perhaps another issue is where organisations are using Linux.

I got the feeling the focus of the May 19 bootcamp was really Linux on the Desktop.

This would be of limited interest to Webhosting etc type Linux System Administrators or the ISP market for example - which I am guessing would be Optus' interest.

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