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Re: [activities] What to put into an LDAP talk?

This one time, at band camp, Nick Urbanik wrote:
>Dear Folks,
>On Mon, May 30, 2005 at 06:56:38PM +1000, Del wrote:
>> Nick Urbanik wrote:
>> >Dear Folks,
>> >
>> >At the last meeting, some people wanted a talk about LDAP.  I am
>> >offering to do that.  I've put a list of proposed topics in
>> >http://wiki.slug.org.au/wiki/SpeakerWannabe#LDAP
>> >
>> >Please tell me if you want any topics covered in particular, and if
>> >you want any particular topics _not_ to be covered.
>> Graphical tools, e.g. GQ and directory_administrator.
>In other words, that is what you _don't_ want me to talk about?  I
>hope so, since I have very litte experience with them!

There are too many documents on the internets about things you can do with
LDAP, and how to compile openldap, but there's a real lack of things
explaining exactly how to get from the installation of LDAP to the realm of
cool things.

For most people, it means beating their heads against the myriad of "how to
use ldap for authentication" documents written 3+ years ago and finding out
the hard way that it's different.

I would strongly recommend focusing on how to set up your ldap server to do
things, and don't even go near "how to compile" or handwavy "here's some
cool stuff", because what the audience wants is to learn by example.