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Re: [activities] Installfest prep: People

On 08/19/04 13:06, Luke Yelavich wrote:
On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 12:51:33PM EST, Peter Hardy wrote:

Volunteers needed for the following:
- Room setup and teardown
- Greeting people at the door, helping move equipment around
- Wandering around looking (and being!) helpful. We usually get a significant number of people just turning up to see what this whole linux thing is about. Having advocates on hand is useful.

Happy to talk to people at least, not sure if I would be able to help hands-on
with installing overall, but I can give more specific help if needed.

I was going to reply to your earlier email soon Luke. But yeah, there's plenty to be done that isn't just sitting in front of a PC installing. You're more than welcome. :-)

- Brief talks on... stuff. There's no set program yet, I'll do one on the day.

If there is not many people willing to talk, I don't mind saying a few words,
depending on the topic.

Whatever you're comfortable talking about. Your favourite distro (or even what a 'distribution' is). Advocacy-type stuff. A whole bunch of other good generally-accessible topics that completely evade me at the moment.