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Re: [activities] Installfest prep: equipment

On 08/17/04 20:17, Luke Yelavich wrote:
I could bring a 6-way board, as well as extension chords of several lengths.
How long do you need them?

5 or 10 meters are most useful. Shouldn't need longer than that.

As for a burner, I was thinking of bringing a burner in an external USB2 case.
Tis only 8 speed, but it could help. I could bring a 16 speed, but I'd have to
open a machine up for that. If nobody else is able to bring a burner, I can
bring the 16 speed if you need it.

An external burner is a good start. See how we go from there. :-)

I will also have my laptop there, and can also make ISOs available via the
various methods, I.E NFS, HTTP, FTP, etc.

Unfortunately, an ISO is of limited use when it isn't on a CD. ;-)