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Re: [activities] Installfest prep: equipment

On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 01:32:02PM EST, Peter Hardy wrote:
> Hardware.
> If you plan on bringing equipment, *please* say so here to keep track
> and make sure we don't have too much. Also, making sure it's well
> labelled with your name and contact details would be a good idea.

Will do.

> - Networking gear: Hubs/switches. CAT-5; short patch cables right up to
> a few long runs.

I can bring a switch, plus a fair few small patch leads, plus joiner blocks to
join cables if they aren't long enough.

> Software
> - We currently only have copies of Knoppix and Debian (that's what I
> use, and my housemates would probably frown on me hogging even more of
> our broadband quota this month :-). I'm leaning towards doing a majority
> of installs with either Fedora Core n or the latest Mandrake, so both
> sets would be useful. But, of course, the more the merrier. Provided
> nobody tries to install Rubyx.

I can bring Slackware for those who are gaim, and am also thinking of bringing
FC2 Planet CCRMA CD-ROMs, with Linux Audio Software, if people want to explore
multimedia software on their new Linux installs.