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[activities] Re: [CTTE] Talk for October/November

<quote who="Pia Smith">

> Hey guys :)
> I've been putting this off a little, but I'd like to offer a talk that I
> did in Brazil. The talk was called "Is Open Source a macho man thing"
> (aptly named by my amusing Brazilian friends), and it might be a good
> talk to advertise a little, and encourage a wider audience to
> participate. It would probably be good for SLUG at any rate to openly
> support equal opportunity and treatment for all people, as the talk
> delves into the unique and across the board opportunities presented
> through Open Source, that sometimes allow people to extend beyond their
> social boundaries.
> Anyway, if the committee would like this kind of talk, I'd be happy to
> do October or November, and a better abstract :) I am also keen to give
> an LA update at meetings if there is anything kewl happening, as part of
> my contribution to SLUG and if you think it is appropriate.

I think this sounds like a great talk. Perhaps a general talk for October?

I'm not sure if we've pencilled anything else in for October yet, but either
then or November would be cool.

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