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[activities] Re: [SLUG] [Computerbank] Call for assistance

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 14:33, Dan Treacy wrote:
> As free storage space in Sydney is at a premium the alternative is to
> contribute generously to the CBSydney Storage Fund which will enable us
> to get temporary commerical storage. Corporate donations of large checks
> graciously recieved as well as small donations from many individuals.

I'd like to propose SLUG make a donation for this.  There's a fairly
large crossover between CB and SLUG membership, and SLUG has made use of
their facilities a few times in the past.  We've been trying to move our
events a little further west than the CBD for a while, and CB have been
helping out a lot.

How do the committee and others feel about throwing some money in a
worthwhile direction?

Discuss (migrating to activities).

PS: Dan, have you considered applying for a grant from Linux Australia?