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[activities] SLUG Meeting Muster: January 2004


If you're receiving this email, it is because I believe you're somehow involved in the SLUG meeting this Friday, 30th January 2004.

This email is to let make sure everyone knows what I think we've arranged, the times and locations, and to give me a lttle time to change it all if I'm wrong :)

It is SLUG practice to (with speaker permission) to film the general and techie talks for later use. If you're presenting such a talk, we'd like you to consider releasing the footage under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/1.0/). Intended usages for this footage are for distribution to SLUG members or to rural LUGs who might also benefit from the talk.

Also, if you're using slides in your talk, we'd love to get a copy of those to make available too.

If you need SLUG to provide anything for your talk (for example, you do not have a laptop with standard VGA output, and you want to SLUG to provide a laptop for you to use for slides) please let us know as early as possible.

Note that we normally do *not* have internet access from our meeting rooms, so you will need to have all the data you need on your local harddrive before you come to the meeting.

Jan Schmidt will be running the show on Friday night. If anyone has any problems, concerns etc, please contact him via email (jan@xxxxxxxxxxx) or on 0404 896 750, or email the SLUG committee (committee@xxxxxxxxxxx).

When: Friday, January 30th 2004, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Where: UTS Broadway, Room 2.4.13 (entrance level). A map showing the building (building 1) is here: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/mapsdirections/bway.html
SLUGlets will be in room 2.4.29.

Dan Treacy, Matt Palmer:
	LCA debriefing. (Will we need an armed escort for Matt and his shirt? ;-)
Shane Owenby:
	Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Jan Schmidt / other committee members:
	Arriving @ UTS around 6 to ensure room is open.

Here's the full meeting announce;

Sydney Linux Users' Group Monthly Meeting: January 2004

    Friday, January 30, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    UTS Broadway, room 2.4.13. Directions at

SLUG's monthly meeting, featuring general talks, special interest talks and SLUGlets. Meetings are open to the general public, and free of charge. The meeting this month will be in the usual room, 02.04.13. Room 13 on level 4 of building 2. Directions at the map link above. SLUGlets will be held in room 01.04.06.

General Talk
LCA debriefing, featuring NSW RDP delegates Matthew Palmer and Dan Treacy, as well as other SLUG members.

Special Interest Talk
Shane Owenby, Senior Sales Engineer for Red Hat Asia-Pacific, will be speaking about Red Hat and their new Enterprise Linux.

Shane will be discussing Red Hat's commitment to the Open Source community, explaining the move from Red Hat Linux/Fedora to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and why SLUG should care.

As usual, SLUGlets will be running in another room during the 2nd half of the meeting for those who do not wish to attend the 2nd talk.
SLUGlets this month will be in room 1.04.06.

6:30pm: Doors Open
6:45pm: The Usual Suspects
Q&A - Introduction to SLUG + "What has Linux done for/to me lately?" + SLUG News & Discussion
7:15pm: General Talk
    LCA roundup
8:00pm: Break
    Refreshments in the foyer, for a small covering charge.
8:20pm: Split into two groups for:

        * Special Interest: Shane Owenby, RHEL
        * SLUGlets: quick talks and discussion of Linux and Free Software.

    Dinner at Spice Boys (Indian), $20 per head.