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[activities] Installfest. Location and date

I'll be confirming availability of a venue we may be able to use today
assuming everyone is OK with Granville as a location. It's close to teh
station and a decnt size, all one room with food and drink facilities.
Might even take the digicam along if I get out there and take some
happysnaps so everyone can put their 10c worth in. 

WRT that I need to get an idea of dates, spoke to Pete last week and the
second weekend in Feb was being bandied around.. that would make it the
7-8 or the 14-15 depending on if you consider the 31st and 1st to be a
weekend in Feb or not. 

I'm not sure the 14th is so crash hot as I'm sure those of you with SOs
will be planning something big :-)

So the 7th sound good to everyone??  or do we want the Sunday??  I can't
see there being too much of a problem with either but Saturday will make
it easier for those travelling by public transport.. The venue is close
to Granville station.

I think that's about it but toss any more ideas you have my way.